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Sixth Avenue Traffic are an alternative rock band who were formed in August 2011. The band perform and write material inspired by a range of diverse and individual tastes and have to date recorded and released 2 EP's entitled 'Whisper, Smile & Wave' and 'The Subway Sessions'.



Act name: Sixth Avenue Traffic

Reviews of: Demons (2)

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  • "Demons" starts off quite promisingly. Some out of the ordinary chords - good to hear some well played piano for a change too. Voice is interesting. The warning signs start for me when the rest of the band come in. It sounds like they're slightly speeding up. Sure enough - they're anticipating the full time section which is to come. When it does, it's a bit of a mess. The old stalwart phrase "less is more" comes to mind here. It's not been applied - especially with the drums. The time to push yourself technically is when you're in rehearsal, not when you're recording. This could have been a halfway decent track but as it stands it sounds like they got a bit carried away with it all.

  • Sixth Avenue Traffic may not offer anything particularly ground-breaking, but rather focus on producing simple yet effective rock music which is successfully demonstrated on their debut E.P ‘Whisper, Smile & Wave’. ‘Demons’, the standout track on the EP, begins with a simple, clear and crisp piano melody that engages the listener immediately. Well thought out, the ascending arrangement, combined with Chris Tomson’s powerful voice and the melody builds and helps form a song that is not only displaying their song writing abilities but also their ability to create excellent all-round songs.