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Liz Lawrence


"Florence-minus-the-hollering, stomping stage routine hinting at a feisty little madam beneath the adorable, heavy fringe-adorned veneer, promising a new starlet in the making" Q magazine

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"Florence-minus-the-hollering, stomping stage routine hinting at a feisty little madam beneath the adorable, heavy fringe-adorned veneer, promising a new starlet in the making" Q magazine


"..People realized that they were witnessing something very special in Liz Lawrence. An organic songtress able to grab an unsuspecting crowd in the palm of her hand with only an acoustic guitar as her accomplice. Highly proficient on the guitar, she was able to strum out laid back acoustics as well quickening the pace and delivering songs packed with punches. Liz Lawrence is a fountain of potential. In a generation of sameness and tribute acts, she could truly illuminate the folk genre. Look out for this one." Paul O'donnell, the white board project.


Act name: Liz Lawrence

Reviews of: Hold On (7)

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  • She has a sweet voice - the recordings sound good.

  • What I like about this song is that it has a fresh easy listening, singer-songwriter feel with a country vibe splashed in there.

  • Liz's songs are like a breath of fresh air - think of Feist with a noticeably British edge or of a summery Cat Power. The songs are sync and mainstream radio friendly and I wouldn't be surprised to see her build a huge fanbase. Liz might not top the singles charts but she could easily have a huge-selling album. I haven't seen her live, but she's described as 'fantastically engaging'. I'd like to catch a full band set sometime to see if it's true - maybe at a festival - it's ideal sunny afternoon festival music. I'm looking forward to hearing the new material she's working on.

  • Very good - a very accomplished musician and great at what she does. She's spent time on her voice and instrument.

  • Gentle, understated, honest and you can sense a teeny bit of attitude in vocals. Liz reminds me of a sweeter, more vulnerable Amy McDonald.. it would be great to see what Liz could do on stage with a couple of voddy's inside her...

  • Hey Liz, You've got a pretty voice and a good finger-picking technique. However, compared to the finesse of your singing and playing, the beats sound a bit clunky. It's nice when they stop for a bit. This is a clear, simple tune that comes around like a cool, evening breeze. No emotional thunderstorms. Understated, which is nice. One thing: when you got a moment, you should stick your lyrics up on your website or somewhere. I'd say the same to all acts on UBR, but especially to you sensitive singer-songwriters with your acoustic guitars. You've got something important and personal to tell us, so let's make sure we know exactly what it is. It might end in tears, indeed, but we need to know, my dear, for sure.

  • Liz throws some funk into the folk! Alluring voice that has a hint of smoke in it - very nice. "Hold On" has the confidence to remain simple and brief - like if Liz walked into the saloon and said "our band are on in the back room in 5 minutes - come see ..." A lot of people would get up immediately and go check - me among them.

Act name: Liz Lawrence

Reviews of: Bedroom Hero (4)

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  • Like a more accessible Laura Marling, I like her voice, this song is quite good and the arrangement (choral), builds nicely, very promising.

  • Another potential blockbuster female artist who has hints of Adele in her voice. The track itself perhaps relies too heavily on acoustic accompaniment and the whole thing could do with a more chopped down, simplified production. Still it's one of those progressive, slightly inspirational tunes with a catchy hook.

  • Oooh - I better watch my tongue - Feisty Little Madam Alert! Actually, I know Liz Lawrence's music from live at the Olympics when she just did her thing with a voice and an acoustic guitar. She possesses a natural charm and gives the vibe of someone who is entirely happy in her own skin. Her voice sounds un-affected and modern and a little like Adele. "Bedroom Hero" has been well arranged and Produced but I lust for a little more of that ootzpah that comes across live. This is just a little nice sounding but undeniably full of class all the same. If your tastes are not too esoteric this'll suit you down to the ground.

  • A great singer-songwriter who lives in London. She's currently doing some gigs around the UK in support of Bedroom Hero in people's houses - probably in their bedrooms! She's like a fusion between Laura Marling, Adele and Feist. A beautiful song - check it out!