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With their fresh slant on indie guitar driven rock, combined with the haunting vocals and stunning good looks of Zoe, word is already out about these guys. So go and catch them live in a small venue soon, while you still have the chance.' - Music News

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With their fresh slant on indie guitar driven rock, combined with the haunting vocals and stunning good looks of Zoe, word is already out about these guys. So go and catch them live in a small venue soon, while you still have the chance.' - Music News


Auction for the Promise Club are a rock band from St Agnes, Cornwall. Their debut EP 'One' was recorded at London's famed Abbey Road Studio's and Cube Recordings. The band are Quiksilver brand ambassadors. Recently introduced on NME Radio, BBC 6 Music, XFM and Absolute Radio. The band headlined the Emerging Icons Stage in the Olympic Park on the opening day of London 2012 and were subsequently asked back to play again the following week and then twice at the Paralympics. The Quiksilver brand are supporting the recording of Auction for the Promise Club's debut Album. OUT NOW! Debut 'One EP' on iTunes

Q. How did you first get into playing music?

Zoe - Just started learning the guitar really, my family are fairly musical

Q. How long have you been performing?

Zoe - the band has been together for about 2 years now I think

Q. How would you describe your sound in one sentence?

Zoe -noisey, with less noise, female singer, fairly energetic i think! ... dam, im crap at this

Q. What makes your music unique?

Zoe - its not. We are just making music we enjoy playing, and we hope people enjoy it

Q. What inspires you to write songs?

Zoe -Lots of feelings, people, places. Can be anything really!

Q. What have been your best and worst gig experiences?

Zoe - Best, the Reverand and the Maker gig was great fun! Worst... nothing that bad really, bad vibes from a grumpy sound man once?!

Q. If you had to listen to one album for the rest of your life what would it be?

Zoe - Maybe OK Computer? or The Bendz?

Q. What do you get up to when you’re not making music?

Zoe - Painting, cooking, running

Q. What are your goals at the moment?

Zoe - Really looking forward to recording the next EP

Q. What have you been working on lately? Any new tracks or gigs lined up?

Zoe - We are recording the next EP in June at a studio in France. We are playing at the O2 Islington and the Cavern Liverpool. and Bestival!!

Q. What do you think of Unsigned Band Review?

Zoe - flippin eck! its really amazing that UBR is doing what its doing, its been needed for so long and UBR is a market leader, innovative and setting the standard high.

Q. What is the name of the last track that you wrote and what is it about?

Zoe - We have quite a few new tracks but Instincts seems to be fun to play :)

Q. What was the music scene like where you grew up?

Zoe - we made it really good fun by making the effort to go to gigs that we had to travel a fair distance to, but in terms of music close by it was a little dated and lacked something... its improved beyond recognition now!


Act name: Auction for the Promise Club

Reviews of: Liquid (2)

 74  1
  • Great electro pop vibe from this track, really like the mix and how the vocals and the synths work so well together.

  • Once you have listened to this song you will not be able to forget it, to quote their lyrics “all I have in my head…” is this song! Auction For The Promise Club are a catchy alt-pop band fronted by Zoe White Chambers. Their sound is big and certainly not something you would expect to come out of a small fishing village in Cornwall.

Act name: Auction for the Promise Club

Reviews of: Under China (5)

 45  0
  • Another reliable offering from the Cornish power-pop trio. Relentless, hammering guitar groove; piston-like drum attack; seductive vocals. I'd love to know what it's about. Under China? It sounds uncomfortable.

  • It’s hard to sound distinctive in this genre. Fortunately, the vocalist of the band does add something different. I think the production is a bit naff in places. Not a fan of the cheesy synths in the verses. Less is sometimes more. Get rid of those. Having said that, the synth plays a very important role in the chorus where the second half has a very catchy synth line which definitely works. Nice catchy vocal line in the chorus. With a band like this, I would have preferred the production to have been a bit more raw. I was desperate for some sort of backing vocal to really take the song up a notch towards the end. Great voice. Good song and probably a really good act to see live. Found the ending a bit abrupt. The band remind me a little bit of a band called ‘Drive Like You Stole It’.

  • Pick of the week on The Sunday Night Music Club and I have to say it's the vocals on this track that really set it apart from the rest. Really promising stuff, love the feel of this band and having heard a few tracks now look forward to hearing more...

  • During my first listen I got side tracked after wondering where the singer was from. Thinking she was either from Scandinavia or Iceland i was proven completely wrong as the band are all from Cornwall. So after finding this out, I decided to listen from the beginning I was enjoying the music. It has a very catchy chorus and a good song structure. The band will I'm sure get compared to the Duke Spirit because of having a guitar based band with a blonde female on vocals. This is unfair on AFTPC as they do have much more interesting drum beats and a lot more crunchier sound, yes they are similarities but AFTPC are a great band in their own right.

  • Under China - May well be “just” an indie rock group. Hard to know for sure because “Under China” is very well produced and brings out some Ellie Goulding and even Police influences. Atmospheric half-time verses and big full time graunchy guitar choruses. It’s a well worn device, but with this example - I like it. Go see live to see if they can pull it off.

Act name: Auction for the Promise Club

Reviews of: Dancer (Running in the Dust) (14)

 5501  0
  • This great new act from Cornwall came as a surprise, with hints of Big Country (Edinburgh) circa 1982 getting drunk with The Cardigans (Malmo Sweden). An extraordinarily strong hook and a brilliant vocal with hints of Altered Images (Glasgow), so all in all: Extreme South meets the Extreme North, with great fresh sounding results.

  • This sister-brother-based trio have played some big venues. They have a sassy singer, a proper drummer, lots of chiming guitars and are joined on stage by a ghost in the machine instead of a bass player. This song has an epic, pop-rock feel - imagine U2 fronted by Nina Persson - and a nagging sense of mystery. "Good night romance/Just dance, dance, dance," sings Zoe White Chambers. So you all know what to do.

  • Review of their 2nd May performance at the Bull & Gate for the launch of the Emerging Icons album - Zoe had something that drew you in and made her inescapably watchable. Overall a fresh new take on guitar driven rock.

  • Dancer - A big rock-pop sound, Paramore-esque at times, and sounding all the better for it. Dynamic, punchy and all the things that make you want to pogo about your living room.

  • Review of their 2nd May performance at the Bull & Gate for the launch of the Emerging Icons album: Good songwriting, coupled with a talented female front star. The three of them know how to make some noise - you never take your eyes from the stage!

  • Review of their 2nd May performance at the Bull & Gate for the launch of the Emerging Icons album: These guys know how to write a song. Love the singers voice. Live, they are very tight and obviously enjoy being up on stage. I've got high hopes for these guys.

  • Review of their 2nd May performance at the Bull & Gate for the launch of the Emerging Icons album: Power wise these kicked ass more than a 3 piece would be expected to do. That was welcome but maybe it also detracted a little from their more electronic pop savviness when recorded. There’s quite often a visual problem with 3 piece bands. It’s probably because your eye expects to be looking in the middle of the stage for the main action. The main action is Zoe, a frontwoman in the making, if only she looked a little more confident, and wasn’t to the right and half way back on stage. Zoe you need to be bossin’ it ! The band are fine but sooner or later they need to realise their role is supporting the frontperson and not competing with her. I would go see again on the strength of their material alone and to hopefully see Zoe grow in stature.

  • It sounded like a lot of things when I first heard it. I was wondering what was going to happen when the singing came in. I thought the vocal was a bit of a surprise. The chorus was different and more pop-y and more uplifting, which a chorus should be. Again, that was a surprise, but that’s good for keeping people interested. You don’t want it to be just like – flat – a whole thing that just goes for three minutes and then stops.

  • I like the drums. The rhythm overall was well done. It’s not some scrappy demo. I thought it was quite epic. Really epic actually, when the chorus came in. You can tell the band’s been influenced by what you see around you. So you see something like Coldplay at Glastonbury, and it is epic, it’s massive, and that chorus definitely did the same thing - it rose over the verse which is what it’s supposed to do. Yeah, good!

  • My second time to wrap my ears around Zoe and her Promises. Actually, I heard this one last time too and I must say I prefer this track. Mainly because it has a fine hook. Zoe still reminds me of Ellie Goulding a little but the overall sound is probably closer to someone like the Cardigans. It's well Arranged and Produced and Zoe sounds like she has some fire in her belly. I would go and see at a gig and see how it is live. Perhaps you should too ?

  • Dancer (Running In The Dust) -- A lovely upbeat number from Auction From The Promise Club. The vocals are very similar to Ellie Goulding's and this definitely has potential to become a huge radio hit.

  • Dancer - The stand out track of the week, Auction for the promise club were the clear winner for 'Absolute Radios unsigned band of the week' The rocking hook of the chorus is infectious instantly, the track also received incredibly positive feedback from our listeners via text and email. Good work girls!

  • Dancing (Running in the Dust) -- Brilliant upbeat number with plenty of guitar filled jangly energy. The chorus is one that will have record labels itching to sign them up - very catchy. However this does deter from the verse slightly, perhaps a sign of how good the chorus is more than the fall of the verse. Either way still a great indie pop track.

  • Dancer (Running In The Dust) -- I like this track, it sounds really fresh and I like what she is doing with the vocal effects. This sounds like it could be very current and I would be interested to hear more songs.

Act name: Auction for the Promise Club

Reviews of: If (1)

 43  1
  • AFTPC are popliar round these parts judging by the heart numbers. Deserved too. "If" is a grown up Album track. Mature songwriting and an alluring vocal. There's something not quite right with the chorus here - it's too static somehow. Maybe some moving harmonies or a bit of funkiness in the drums are called for ? Don't let me put you off - this band are well worth seeing. Go to it !

Act name: Auction for the Promise Club

Reviews of: Dancer (Running in the Dust) (1)

 19  0
  • Dancer (Running the Dust) -- Auction for the Promise Club are by all means a very promising band. Their sound appears to have taken influence from Scandinavian metal and grunge bands, but on top of this they put their own poppy, electro twist. The commanding female vocals are have all the muscles worthy to put her alongside many great rock singers and are strong enough to compel listeners that this band is worth a listen. The electro instrumental break downs tend to be a bit samey, but overall this song excels in terms of its dynamics, climatic structure and intelligent musicianship.