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You Need To Hear This: Featuring The Winter Olympics

You Need To Hear This: Featuring The Winter Olympics

Come over here and settle yourself down. You look like you're in need of some new music... so let us take your snow-covered coat while you get yourself comfy; because we've got five amazing new artists that you just NEED to hear.

Maybe your personal playlist is looking a bit empty? If that's the case, why don't you pop these artists onto it if you like what you hear. It's dead simple to do... just watch this...

So listen up, all of you. Because here's the Emerging Icons you just NEED to hear...

The Winter Olympics- I Prefer The Early Stuff

We promise that we didn’t just choose this bunch for their rather apt name to match the weather we’re having right now. The reason we wanted to let you know about The Winter Olympics goes much further than that- namely because they’re F*CKING AWESOME. After ten years in the game, this ‘dance punk indie-rock’ band certainly ain’t no newbies to the scene. However, since becoming The Guardian’s New Band Of The Day a couple of months ago, things have really started to take shape for this lot. For the sake of keeping the name-appropriate vibe alive, let’s say their success is gracefully rising like the trajectory of a world-class ski jumper? Yeah, that'll do. Their rugged pop is as anthemic as it is stylish- channelling either a roughed up We Are Scientists or a poppy Fugazi- and what’s not to like about that?

henry green

Henry Green- Change The Light

‘Change The Light’ is a stunning example of musicianship; utilising the simplicity of an acoustic guitar and a few vocal effects to make a song that makes your insides feel dead toasty. Like the subtle glow of a flickering candle in the twilight (yeah, we’ve been bitten by Henry’s poetic bug) the understated hush of this chilled out tune is an intimate and moving experience. We don’t mean that in a crude way whatsoever- although it did make us feel all tingly. Having hustled its way onto Amazing Radio’s playlist this week, we’re sure that like Henson, Henry Green will very quietly build himself an army of fans who remain in awe of his songwriting ability.

Lauren Rebecca- Close

Next up, we’ve got a lady with a ‘soulful and unique’ voice to compliment her gorgeous style of upbeat songwriting. With Lauren Rebecca’s ‘Close’ we get a feel-good vibe and a tune that you’ll find yourself whistling as you walk down the sunnier side of the street. Laid-back and cool as you like, Lauren has a softly quirky vocal style that cuts a strong creative identity... all while maintaining that effortlessly chilled out edge throughout. She comes from the ever-growing hotbed of talent down on the Southern coast, joining our Brightonian Hall Of Fame alongside fellow Emerging Icons Annaca, Shona Foster, Fragile Creatures and Alice Amelia. It must be something in the air there…anyone fancy a trip to the seaside?


Tito Diran- I’ve Made My Bed

Universal’s Simon Li took to Twitter to praise the very individual talents of Tito Diran, heralding the a cappella artist as the new Bobby McFerrin. Having experimented with a number of entirely rebranded covers from Adele to Disney to Bob Marley, he’s certainly demonstrated his versatility- but its Tito’s self-written pieces that really allow his identity as an artist to shine through. ‘I’ve Made My Bed’ is a hyper-chilled, soulful piece that almost sounds like a sonorous lullaby to smoothly sweep you off to dreamland. Everyone knows that having a story read to you before sleepytime does the trick, which seems fitting- cos this passionate performer does loves to tell a tale or two. But don't worry, the engaging quality of this artist will prevent you from having to go along to his gigs in your jimjams.

The Gin Circle- Lost To Be Found

Now that it’s the weekend it’s high time for us to hit the gin; so what better company to find ourselves in than this lot? Having had The Gin Circle’s shiny new video for ‘Lost To Be Found’ placed under our new-music-seeking noses, we are duly impressed. For a band that professes the frivolous claim of being the most talented rock band to emerge on their local scene since Showaddywaddy; we were in wait of something pretty bloody spectacular. Thankfully, the lads did us proud. We reckon that if The Strokes had been brought up in Leicestershire and schooled by Brit legends like The Kinks and The Stones, they may have ended up sounding a bit like this.

You can follow any of these artists just by logging in and hitting the star at the top of their Emerging Icons profile. Simple! Hey, while you're there, how about bigging up their stuff too? They'll definitely appreciate it...

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